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Let's Get Stronger, Move better and shred fat faster than ever!

Hi Guys!

I’m Gilroy D'Souza and I will be your guide, coach and cheerleader (minus the skirt and pom poms) on your online fitness journey. I’m a PTA Global Certified Personal Trainer and also have a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification. My additional credentials and certifications include Advanced Fat Loss and Kettlebell Training from Turbulence Training, plus a Functional Aging Specialist Certification from the Functional Ageing Institute. More than all of my credentials though, I'm passionate about health and fitness and even more passionate about helping you on your fitness journey. My methods of madness usually involve some sort of strength training infused with high intensity bodyweight circuits, but I’m known to alter the madness every now and then to keep things interesting since variety is the spice of life. (Yes, I'm a Gemini) Enough about me! Let's get to training so you can live the LiveinLean lifestyle- Train Right, Eat Well & Live Happy.

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Why Choose Me?

Cost Effective

Our online classes offer highly competitive prices starting at just INR 300 a class. With no need to step out of your house and/or arrange childcare, online interactive classes offer a cost effective solution for busy people on a budget. Unable to attend a class? No problem! You will receive a recording of the session which you can do at your convenience and not miss a single session.

LIVE & Supervised

The LiveinLean online fitness classes provide a live and dynamic experience with 2-way interactivity. Your instructor can hear, see and interact with you live, allowing them to monitor your form and offer advice, cues, adaptations and corrections in real time. Likewise you can see, hear and interact with your instructor before and after the session should you have any difficulties. There will also be live demonstrations of the exercises making it easy for you to follow.

Simple & Convenient

The days of spending hours in traffic to get to the gym are now officially a thing of the past! Wondering who is going to look after your kids is also a non-issue, as you workout in the convenience of your own home! Just woken up? Or late in from work with no time to ‘get ready’ to go out to the gym? Online fitness allows you the freedom to just lay your mat and get your workout done at the press of a button. Phone- Works! Tablet- Works! Laptop- Works! All you need is an internet connection and the Zoom app to get started on your fitness journey!


Gilroy D’Souza has over 10 years of training experience and has been a group fitness instructor for more than 5 years. Taking online sessions since the pandemic hit in March 2020, he has been able to take his offline model and help more people with their fitness from the comfort of their homes. With a sound technical background in exercise technique and form he is able to deliver a rich, vibrant, reliable and high quality audio/visual experience in each of his sessions. The sessions are for all fitness levels and no matter where you are in your journey, he will ensure you that you will reap the benefits of these training sessions. Each class is capped at a maximum of 15 participants to maintain a high quality of instructor monitoring and interactivity.

Liveinlean In Action

  • Circuits


    GEARED TO KICKSTART YOUR WEEK ON A HIGH, THIS FULL BODY METABOLIC WORKOUT IS DIVIDED INTO 3 CIRCUITS TARGETING UPPER BODY, LOWER BODY AND CORE Because of the metabolic demand placed on the body, you burn more calories than traditional cardio training in a fraction of the time. Metabolic conditioning workouts are better for Fat Loss compared to slow boring cardio and are definitely more enjoyable. Metabolic Circuits are usually groups of 3 or more exercises that are done “back-to-back” without resting between each exercise unless stated in the workout. Metabolic Mondays are a combination of MRT, METCON, and Metabolic Circuits. Happy Days!



    The 20/10 system is an adaptation of the Tabata Training method developed by Japanese scientists. These 20-10 revolution workouts are so amazing because they are research proven to TRIPLE your results when compared to doing long, boring cardio. If you want a better body FASTER, these workouts are the answer.


    These sessions have been developed to help get you stronger so that you can go about your daily activities pain free. If you’re someone who gets a back ache after standing for too long or has knee pain after climbing the stairs these workouts will help you to eliminate them by improving your mobility and strengthening the working muscles.

  • Benefits

  • Better Overall Fitness both physically and mentally.

  • Boost your energy and skyrocket your productivity.

  • Greater self-confidence.

  • Enhanced Coordination, balance and motor control.

  • Improved Mobility.

  • Increase Strength.

  • Fat loss.


Edna Ferns

The sessions at Live in Lean online are a completely different to the ones I've seen on YouTube and other social media platforms. The workouts are always different, engaging and target different muscles. I feel so much better after each and every session which is why I always look forward to joining them . They have made much stronger and healthier. I would definitely recommend these online sessions to anyone looking for better results. Gilroy D'souza and #liveinlean are the best!

Nina Moniz

You guys are a one of a kind gym. I have trained at a few but none of them compare to you guys. From the friendly yet fierce nature of the trainers to the seemingly simple yet effective exercise variations you guys are a class apart.

Juhi Prasad

Gilroy is the best fitness instructor I know. His short 30 minutes sessions are fun, challenging, and amazingly effective. His online HIIT sessions have kept me fit and strong right through the pandemic. Without the need for any gym equipment. I can’t thank you enough Gilroy🙏


Live in lean is probably the best gym I have come across in Goa in terms of fitness training and athlete training. They offer a workout of 30 mins through which I have clearly seen fat loss and overall body toning.For me, it's more than a gym. The trainers are thorough with their knowledge and with time, I have come to look forward to not just the workout but even meeting the entire team on a daily basis.Thank you for being so amazing.



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